Ronin Bennett-Vonderostensacken

Enterprise SEO Consultant, Marketing Strategist, 100% Ginger.

All things considered, I’m just happy I had the idea to sandbox this. Honestly, if nothing else this site serves one purpose: to ensure that we figure out how to generate a knowledge panel for a single person (e.g. a celebrity, somebody with cultural significance, your buddy Ronin).

I’m Ronin, I’ve worked in marketing for almost the entire duration of my professional career (and my degree isn’t even in marketing). Prior to agency life, I acted as a private political and marketing consultant, doing everything from statistical analysis to marketing strategy, and implementation of ground-game campaigns for a variety of causes, ranging from fundraising to community outreach. It was there that I actually found my love for digital marketing – specifically SEO.

In fact, the only reason I went into technical SEO was that I fell in love with what happens behind the curtain that is Search Engine Optimization. Getting funky with code, finding cheats, and playing around in GTM or GDS fuels me. I like the big, weird “no direct answer” problems. That passion and the overpowering desire to eat food/have shelter is actually why I do what I do.

I pride myself on my adaptability, easygoing demeanor, and general desire to make the world a decent place.

Right now I serve as the Director of Inbound Marketing for Crunchy Links.

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